Best Indonesian Technocratic University PTS ASEAN continues to support its students so they can develop innovation and technology that can benefit society.

Rico Bagus Satrio, an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, succeeded in creating Electric Bicycle Technology.

Electric bicycles are designed to be used as a means of daily transportation. Using a battery as a power source to drive an electric bicycle motor no longer requires fossil fuels to operate, so it does not emit exhaust emissions that damage the environment.

Electric bicycles also save on lower operational costs compared to conventional motorized vehicles, because they do not require expensive fuel and maintenance. The frame of this bicycle uses hollow iron. The manufacturing and assembly duration is approximately 5 weeks

This research was accompanied by Lecturer in Electrical Engineering Novia Utami Putri, S.T., M.M., M.T. as supervisor. In the future, this technology will be further developed which will then be applied in the community for short-distance transportation needs and help reduce the use of fossil fuels in Bandar Lampung.