In 2030, it will become a superior electrical engineering study program with international standards in the scientific fields of Robotics and New Renewable Energy through education, research and community service.


  1. Organize and develop professional, disciplined, quality, creative and innovative electrical engineering education with superior competence in the fields of robotics and new renewable energy;
  2. Carrying out research in the field of Electrical Engineering, especially in robotics and new renewable energy to support the development of science and technology;
  3. Carrying out community service programs by developing service centers and innovation collaboration in the field of Electrical Engineering to produce applied products that are beneficial to the welfare of society;
  4. Strengthen Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based management in developing an academic atmosphere that is conducive towards international standard Good University Governance (GUG).


  1. Producing graduates who are independent, creative, innovative and competitive and able to compete in the job market with superior abilities in the fields of Robotics and New Renewable Energy
  2. Produce a number of applied research and scientific publications by lecturers and/or students in the field of electrical engineering, especially Robotics and New Renewable Energy, which are competitive at national and international levels
  3. Increasing the number of community service activities and the number of applied products through service centers and innovation collaboration in the electrical sector
  4. Creation of a study program management system that is credible, transparent, accountable and responsible